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Who We Are
Paravel Solutions was started in 2003 to provide technology solutions to our customers and ensure they have the quality and service they deserve. Our Paravel mission was born; “to combine technology with purpose”. We understand the internet can greatly benefit people’s lives as a powerful medium to market your business, spread a message, use new technologies, and generate income.

Our Faith
Paravel Solutions is a Christian owned company who’s faith is a driving force in our daily business and vision. We believe that our business and the individuals within our organization should have an impact on this earth that will glorify God and allow us to use our talents to further the Kingdom of God.

10% Promise

Giving Back
As a part of that core value, Paravel Solutions has committed to giving 10% of all profits every month to a charitable Christian organization that helps those in need. As we continue to grow and gain more solution partners, so does the opportunity for us to give more and more. When you host with Paravel Solutions, you become a part of a bigger purpose in this effort to bless others in need.
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What makes us different?
Many other large hosting and ISP companies out there, and quite possibly the one your currently hosting with, are supporting the pornography industry directly. Major web hosts and ISP’s like:

  • Yahoo!
  • GoDaddy
  • AOL
  • MCI (who owns UUNET)
  • AboveNet
  • Verio
  • Level 3
  • Qwest
  • RJB Telecom

If you are hosting with one of these providers, it means you may be supporting the pornography industry indirectly.

As a core commitment, we promise to never host sites that promote pornography, illegal drugs, gambling, and other sites that contribute to destroying lives and families.





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